The “I have ‘Two’ Brains?” Theory

I had a conversation with a fellow blogger the other day and we discussed the intricate workings of the human brain. Yes, I said brains because anatomically we have a single medulla oblongata (brain for those layman types) yet metaphorically we have a second brain that tends to create conflicting situations and bad choices. Ponder that thought for a moment and see if you can figure out what I am talking about. Still have no clue? This brain is strategically located somewhere between your head and your feet and when neglected tends to lead to poor decision making, well for some. Yes, I am referring to that organ that has the ability to create both pleasure and pain.

You are probably asking yourself why would you not just call it what it is? It has so many names and slang words that our younger generation may not understand what I am referring to since it doesn’t have its own app and they are less likely to read something unless it shows up on a YouTube video. I can’t forget hashtags either because how would anyone expect to find something if it doesn’t have a hashtag associated with it (#readabook)? For those who do understand what I am talking about let’s move onward.

Since the dawn of Adam and Eve procreation is more than just two people engaging in coitus (yes I went there). It has turned into a world that tests and challenges the boundaries of a person’s sexual orientation, preference, and sense of adventure. Sex is not just about procreation anymore and has turned into an industry for some, hobby for others and a coping mechanism for the weak. This is the reason why our own sexual organ has become classified as having its own brain.

How many times have you told yourself that you will not have sex with someone yet that second brain volunteers its own opinion and overwrites the mental thought process that goes into making choices? I have fallen victim to this conundrum and I can say with confidence that 99% of all human beings, minus the human-like aliens with their probes, have also fallen victim. This second brain has the competency and effectiveness to overwrite the frontal lobe despite having not one single anatomical characteristic that resembles a human brain. Why is that? It’s because sex has turned into a drug, one that creates addictive like symptoms, that when neglected creates the want and need for attention.

Throughout the years I have seen this second brain create a world of problems for most but in some instances it has created positive outcomes. A man and a woman break up due to personality indifferences or as a result of promiscuous behavior. Yet this does not stop them from engaging in sexual acts for the purpose of gratification. Why would you allow yourself, emotionally and physically, to engage in sexual acts with a person who you cannot see a future with? The simplest explanation is because the second brain has overridden the ethical thought process of the real brain thereby creating the sense that using a person for sexual gratification is acceptable, at least for that moment. It is amazing how powerful this second brain has become yet the one word you could associate with this type of behavior is regret because you do it for the wrong reasons.

Some may agree with my interpretation and I am sure many will disagree but the fact remains that we use that second brain all to often and for the wrong reasons. People break up for a number of reasons and if you are working to rekindle that love than go for it. If you choose to engage sexually with someone you are not in a relationship with, knowingly, than you must live with the emotions that come with that choice. Remember that your choices can effect others but it can also effect you indirectly in a way that you may not see as you use certain mechanisms to block those emotions out. As an adult you have choices and you alone have the responsibility to evaluate those choices before taking any type of action. Just ask yourself which brain is making the choice for me before you act.

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