The Reprogramming Your Brain Theory

Conspiracy theorists have long predicted the future of mankind would be taken over by the “Machine”. Some would argue the machine will come in the form of robots or artificial intelligence just to name a few. Those who believe our world will be taken over by an apocalyptic phenomenon of man versus machine may end up one step ahead of the rest of those who see it as a farce. Maybe those who believe in it are reliving scenes from the Terminator or have they programmed their own minds to believe in this?

The human brain has many similarities to a modern day computer. It stores information that can be recalled rather quickly for some but as it ages it takes a bit longer. It has the ability to be programmed with information that tells you how to do something. For example, a person who speaks Spanish can do so because they have programmed (trained) their brain to understand it. How we walk, talk, interact and respond to something is all based on how your brain was programmed. Have you ever screamed at the top of your lungs when you see a spider? Your brain was programmed to fear spiders at some point in your life. As a result you have reprogrammed responses to that fear which in this case was both a physical and verbal reaction.

Can you see how similar you are to a computer now? Computers are made of many components that all have a specific job in how it works. Without one or more of these components the computer is not able to function efficiently and in some cases at all. Our body contains numerous organs that if any fail it effects our ability to function and in some cases result in death. The body knows how to function because it’s programmed to. How can we apply that same concept to our brains?

We have the ability to program ourselves to react to any situation we face or how we accomplish something. If you can program yourself to think one way it’s quite possible you can reprogram yourself to think another way. How does a person who has eaten meat most of their life one day become a vegetarian? It’s a life style change precipitated by your attempt to reprogram your brain and body to make the necessary adjustments to the new lifestyle. We are all built differently at both a cellular and genetic level therefore some people require more time for the reprogramming to take full effect. This same concept applies to fear, negativity, smoking, driving, speech and an infinite number of things.

Since my focus, in writing, is on my Craigism philosophy let’s discuss how we can apply this reprogramming theory to our own lives when it comes to negativity. From the moment we are born we are programmed to a life style determined by our parents and our environment. We learn the difference between right and wrong. We learn what the difference is between left and right. We also learn how to interpret life from a positive and negative perspective. Marriage is thought to be a positive moment in a person’s life, but I am sure there is a small percentage who would challenge me on that. On the other hand divorce is looked at negatively for a number of reasons all of which vary depending on the couple and the situation. I personally put divorce in the positive category for a few reasons:

  1. One or both individuals determine it’s in their best interest to part ways to better themselves or their lives. We can’t fault someone for wanting a change that betters themselves or the other person. When two people can make that decision together it creates a less traumatic experience and places focus on each other’s happiness rather than their own. Not all relationships end in this manner but rather than point the finger we can create a sense of separation that doesn’t ruin what did work out great during the tenure of the relationship
  2. For some it’s a sense of moving forward or closure from a relationship that was damaging on many levels. This could be a man or woman who was in a mentally or physically abusive relationship. Some people become so damaged by the abuse that their brain reprograms itself to be accepting of the behavior because their mental approach changes as a result of the abuse. Moving forward and getting out of the relationship, under your own choice, is the first step in reprogramming yourself to realizing life doesn’t have to be that way and that moving forward is the positive direction to head in.

So how can we reprogram our brains? First you you retrieve the jumper cables from your vehicle and connect them to your car battery. For those who actually did that before reading on should slowly step away from their vehicle and consider professional help. On a more serious note, brain reprogramming is not something that occurs over night. It’s a process of steps that take time and requires changes that you are not use to. To get over fear you might have to face that fear numerous times till you become more comfortable with it. I am by no means a Neurologist so I honestly can’t say how to scientifically reprogram your brain but using baby steps you can begin the initial phase of identifying what it is you are trying to change. In some scenarios you already know what needs to happen you just have to develop the courage and determination to do it. Talk to friends and family as they may be able to help you through this.

Everyone will interpret what I discussed above differently and that is ok. I am by no means telling people how they should think or interpret situations. I am expressing my opinions in the hopes that it creates dialogue or helps you think outside the box so your focus is not limited to a specific interpretation.  If my philosophy was proven to be globally beneficial I would be writing in a book rather than a blog but we all cannot appeal to the masses in ways we hope.

Take the next couple of minutes to think about changes you believe are necessary in your life and how you would go about accomplishing them. Don’t try to reach for the stars immediately but allow yourself to become a little bit vulnerable otherwise you don’t open yourself up to change. Take each step one at a time and in due time you might find the change occurring. Those who were addicted to drugs once had to reprogram themselves to resist temptation. If they can do it so can you.

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